Monday, December 11, 2006


A human being has various facets, thoughts and myriad expressions. Contemplation is an inherent part of the human psyche

Mother & Child

The relationship between a mother and her child is unlike any other relation. Pure unadulterated love and joy after the pangs of labor. All the sacrifice, the pain, the difficulty of the 9 moths vanishes magically.
This drawing was done within the first week of my son’s birth. No planning, pencil drawing, or “blocking” for proportion. Took the pen, started sketching and the lines flowed and the form was shaped. This skecth took only 3-4 minutes to create.

Brand U

You cannot ever fake or put a spin on your personal brand. What you are and where you want to be is reflected in every action of yours. A mask does not work well, it will slip anytime. Your true self will show up. You are a leader by your actions, not by your "title".

Sinous Forms

Harmony with Nature

The fused human forms are a statement that real Nirvana for humans is only when one is in harmony with nature, the creation of the divine.

The Fire Within

Work done with passion is far better than work done because you are asked to or you have to. Our lives would be much better if we heed to the “fire within”. The use of the tree and the fire as a metaphor for the passion and the spark that we need to transform our mundane and dreary existence to something fun filled.

The Pigeon is Somewhere