Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cover Page of the invite for my next Solo painting exhibition in Hyderabad: Care to give feedback?

Am having my next Solo Art Exhibition at the state art gallery of Fine Art Hyderabad from the 2ND of December to the 10Th of December. This is the cover page for the invite. What do you think? Care to give feedback on the design? All comments are welcome!


Rakhee said...

Hi Masood,

Your cover page is another masterpiece.....Please don't put price tag on it...

It rightly expresses the theme of your exhibition....

You look v slim as if you have shed 10 kgs...:)

I must ask ek bande mein itna talent kaise ho sakta hai :)

All the best!


jammy said...

Masood, saw your message on gmail talk and came over here to take a look. I am mighty impressed by the brochure design. The designer has made you look a lot younger and handsomer. He/she has also made you sit in a position where you belly will not be shown. BTW, you designed this or somebody else?